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Do 100 Pushups a day | Reignite Your Physique

Do 100 Pushups a day | Reignite Your Physique

Has it been a while since you hit the gym or did any type of training?  Is finding the time and having the motivation to get back into fitness a challenge?

If you're reading this nodding to yourself, "yeah thats me", then keep reading because I’m going to show you a way to reignite your muscle memory and win back your physique in the next 30 days.  No gym, no weights, no intense cardio. Just one simple exercise - the humble pushup. 

Pushups are a base exercise for all pushing motions. Pushups work to build muscle mass in your chest, shoulders and triceps and when done correctly, using good form , engage your core and lower back to increase abdominal strength.

It's why pushups have always been part of footy training, no matter what your code. They are a compound exercise,  an exercise, that when done properly, activates multiple muscle groups. 

How many pushups can you do | how many pushups should you do?

According to YouTube and IG fitness guru @chrisheria
Doing 100 pushups a day, at least 4 times a week delivers the best results.
If you're thinking there's no way I can do 100 pushups a day, you are not alone, but its actually a lot easier to hit this target than you think. Simply tap on the challenge banner and we will show you how to get to 100 pushups a day in the next 30 days.  
 pushup 30 day challenge

Why do 100 pushups a day? 

Here's what happens when you do 100 pushups a day. Not only will you feel stronger and look more defined, you will be improving your overall pushing motion which can be translated into all other pushing exercises.  If you’re considering going back to the gym, doing 100 pushups a day will allow you to lift more or move on to harder pushup progressions like elevated pushups and clap pushups. Exercises that really define your physique and give you that chiseled look.
The advantage of pushups is that they can be done anywhere as they require no equipment and very little space to do them. So, regardless of where you live or how much money you have, there are no excuses. All you need is a flat piece of ground and the will to succeed.
Ready to reignite your muscle memory, take our 30-day basic push up challenge to reignite your muscle memory and start building the discipline to rediscover your love of feeling great.

Can you really do 100 pushups a day?

100 push-ups a day may seem like a big number for those of you who haven’t trained before. The reality is 100 push-ups a day 4 times a week is not a lot. In fact, most athletes who play team sport do more than this as part of their daily training warmup session.
For best results focus on creating a habit. Make it part of your morning routine. Get out of bed and do your push-ups at the start of the day.
Tip: Setting a dedicated time will help you stay more focused and disciplined.
Sounds great but how do you get to 100 push-ups a day 4 times a week? You will just have to take out challenge to find out. 

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