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About Us


Your Time Is Now

Fynite is for the dreamers. The doers. The boundary pushers and the question askers. We connect. We inspire. We encourage growth through connection, movement and vision.

FYNITE Culture

Fynite was born from a love of movement, the desire to revolutionise athletic wear and a craving for a culture and community to push past our natural limits.
What started as an idea on Australia’s sun-drenched Gold Coast, is now a community of visionaries that stretches across the globe. While we are separated by distance, we are united by fearless ambition and big-picture thinking.
Every Fynite product is the symbol of our unwavering vision for the future. We design and produce our clothing to empower you to be a fitter, faster and stronger version of yourself – today and every day to follow.
With Fynite, you have the key to unlocking your potential and putting your ideas into action.

Fynite is for everyone, because wherever you are in life "Your Time Is Now"

Meet your Founder

Being heavily involved in the fitness and fashion industry. Zac decided to take on the role to combine not only fitness and fashion. But to bridge the gap and create a community of people striving to create something bigger than themselves.

2020 was a pivoting year. It isolated and separated the world. Our goal, our vision is to unite each and every person with the same drive and dedication as we do.
To push, mentor and deliver